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Pasture Masks For General Public Use

Pasture Masks For General Public Use (GPU)

Pasture Masks for general public use includes a range of specially designed masks for the whole family.

Pasture’s very own Junior and Senior face masks are designed with children and elderly in mind to provide optimal protection while ensuring uncompromised comfort for the young and old.


The Hidden Danger  

Living in developed countries, with all the amenities and high level of healthcare, we often assume and take for granted the air we breathe in to be ‘clean and green’ – until a medical emergency such as haze, influenza, pandemic or some airborne fallouts happen.

Invisible to the naked eyes are countless microscopic particles that creep through our respiratory system and lodge deep into our lungs. Over time, these culprits may bring about breathing difficulties and other health problems that could become life-threatening.


Are You Doing Enough?  

Staying well-protected from the assault of harmful airborne germs and pollutants take more than hand covering or hiding away. These actions below are insufficient to prevent serious contaminations.



       Covering your nose

Harmful particles in the air could be so tiny that covering your nose and mouth may not be helpful. It could even transmit diseases from your contaminated hands to you and vice versa.



Using Uncertified and Untested Masks

Buying uncertified or untested masks may not be helpful to keep you protected, and neither is wearing a mask incorrectly



Staying Indoors  

Staying indoors to avoid the air outside is no fun at all. What’s more, opened windows means air is still able to travel straight into your home.



There's A Better Way

Introducing the Pasture J·95 Junior Face Mask – Pasture’s very own mask designed with children in mind to better protect with greater comfort.


Tested against PM2.5 pollutants.



Features the unique Ezy-breathe ™ technology to allow for easy breathing and comfortable wear.



With advanced material technology, Pasture masks are designed to be worn for longer duration allowing for better protection and cost effective

Masks for different needs

Protecting the entire family and multi-generations, Pasture face masks have been specially designed for juniors and seniors.

Regardless of age, our range of masks has the entire family covered, protecting you and your loved ones.